Monday, February 05, 2007

"Fr Ted? That'll never work": or, Can RTÉ do comedy?

In last Saturday's Irish Times (here, but you need a subscription) Shane Hegarty lamented the current state of satire in Ireland, arguing that "Irish politics and politicians are not beyond parody, nor immune to satire," and that "We need wounding, vital, laugh-because-you're-angry satire". Well said.

He also noted that the possibilities for satire are "obvious on some of the blogs online." There are some piss-funny blogs about, and some that manage proper satire: the Skanger aspires to that. Blogs are a good place to do it but there's a need for wider exposure.

RTÉ has a woeful record when it comes to sending up those who deserve a rhetorical kick in the arse (with the very-odd honourable exception). In this election year I wonder will TV3 come up with anything, or will they just import something from the US of A or Bliar's Britain and hope that we'll content ourselves with laughing at Tony'n'George and not notice the corruption and buffoonery of the lamentable fuckwits that'll be parading across a ballot card near you soon.

We hear that Langerland is to be making an appearance on RTÉ television, probably somewhere around the Podge and Rodge slot ("the Podge and Rodge slot" - what a horrible image...). Good luck to the Langers and we hope they land a few good punches.