Friday, February 02, 2007

Bertie's health scare

We here at Skangerland can reveal that the recent experiences of Conor Lenihan, diagnosed with a tumour live on RTÉ telly, are not without precedent in Irish political life.

Several months back a consultant, watching Bertie Ahern being interviewed about the Manchester Only-a-Loan Payments, diagnosed the Taoiseach with a rare condition known as coprolaryngeal reflux. The condition involves the reflux of faecal matter via the oesophagus, larynx and mouth.

Stand back, I think I'm going to throw upSufferers of coprolaryngeal reflux syndrome often look a bit dozy.

The Taoiseach received no treatment and is not recovering well.

Mary Harney, Minister for Wealth, is said to be considering having more consultants at home watching telly. "This is a proposal for a cost-effective and localised health monitoring service," the Minister said.