Thursday, January 04, 2007

John Deasy: genius or jizzbiscuit?

Obviously the Skanger, like most people, came down on the jizzbiscuit side of this one (forgive the pun). Then, after Deasy's remarking that if Fine Gael happen to lose the next election, then he might reckon on standing to be leader once Enda does the decent thing and kills himself or goes back to Mayo (six of one, really), I began to wonder.

The thing is, he's married to Maura D'ran, TV3's answer to Dita von Teese, so maybe he's not a total eejit, and yet you get the impression that he could talk down to Ghandi and Einstein. Remember, this is the man who decided that it would be a good thing to take a moral stand about smoking in the Dáil bar. I mean, for fuck's sake...priorities, anyone?

So maybe the plan is to act like a total fucker and put everyone off voting Fine Gael so that they'll lose and then Enda will be gone and John Deasy will ascend to his rightful place as overlord of the little people. Which would be a bit cunning (only a bit, mind).

(Hmmm, thinks...)

Nah, he's a jizzbiscuit.