Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Decentralizing child healthcare

The Skanger can bring you an inside track on the current argument about the National Chisellers' Hospital. The argument is actually a smokescreen concealing two possibilities under consideration by government.

The first is to place the beds for the sick kids in the Mater, but to have the doctors, nurses and so on in Crumlin and/or Tallaght. It's hoped that this will keep lots of constituencies happy, and will increase the revenue on the buses, the Metro (if that ever happens) and the M50 toll as people push their kids on trollies and wheelchairs from one place to the next. The toll for a wheelchair will be 50c, a trollybed will be €1.20.

The second proposal is to place the children's hospital in the Mater but then to decentralize the Mater to a waterfront location near Levitstown, in Kildare or one of them bogger, I mean, commuter spots.