Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Catholic adoption anthem? [Updated]

We've had a good look at this and we reckon it's a satirical hoax. (We really hope it isn't serious, but then you never really know with the oul jesusfreaks...) It's a music video, so maybe best not watch it in the office with the sound turned up. It's also reported to have been banned off youtube and myspace, so we'll see how long it lasts here...

[UPDATE: Well, there you go, it lasted less than 24 hours. The website of the guy who recorded it is still up, minus the video. If you still really want to see it then there are some details here.]

Donnie Davies - Dribblebrained Homophobe or Spawn of The Day Today?

All the same, the Catholic Church in Britain is rumoured to be considering it as an anthem for their campaign to secure unequal equality legislation in adoption services. They've had a hard time over it but in fairness the Catholic Church does have a lot of experience with taking vulnerable children in hand.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Typical Bertie shystering

Of course Bertie won't condemn Tony Killeen's valiant efforts to help us avoid a prison-overcrowding problem like that facing John Reid-all-about-it over at the Home Office. How could he?

This is, after all, the Taoiseach who was so eager to see the killers of Jerry McCabe wandering free from Castlerea Prison, and the Taoiseach who understands all about signing blank pieces of paper.

If anyone finds the rest of this man's moustache please return it to Fianna Failure
Can you ever really trust a man who thinks a 'tache like that is a good idea?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Irish Blog Awards

Nominations are now closed. Thanks to anyone who nominated us.

You can check out the progress of the awards here.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Fianna Failures get in on the act

Fianna Fáil - doing whatever it takes (but probably not in a good way)

R-iPoff Ireland?

It's been done with burgers and chocolate bars, but the Commonwealth Bank in Oz has now done a global survey of prices and consumer spending power based on how much you have to fork out for a second generation 2GB iPod Nano.

Guess where we came? Yeah, 8th most expensive out of the 26. Typical.

New pre-election poster campaigns

The Pee-Wee-Dees have launched a new poster campaign, and the Skanger has managed to find a few bits of the new election literature that will soon be annoying you and clogging up your recycling bin.

These ones will be appearing in a phonebox near you. We hope to be able to source a few more soon.

Progressive Democrats - coalition slappers
'RaShinners like it rough
Fine Gael - careful now, don't get over-excited

Friday, January 19, 2007

Bookmarks and feeds

I've added a few social bookmarking links to the posts. If you have any hassle with them then email me. If there are others that you use and would like added in then I should be able to stick in a link to any of the ones listed here.

RSS Feeds for Skangerland I should also remind you that there are RSS feeds for this lot that you can subscribe to. Clicking on the "Add to Any" icon on the right hand side is probably the easiest way to do it, or you can click the Feedburner link.

(The new blogger updates feeds every time a post is edited, not just when the post first appears. The old version didn't do that, so apologies for the hassle and let's hope they manage to sort it out.)

Cheers buds.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

John Deasy update

Yeah. I've had a while to think about this one now and yeah, jizzbiscuit. Defo.

Decentralizing child healthcare

The Skanger can bring you an inside track on the current argument about the National Chisellers' Hospital. The argument is actually a smokescreen concealing two possibilities under consideration by government.

The first is to place the beds for the sick kids in the Mater, but to have the doctors, nurses and so on in Crumlin and/or Tallaght. It's hoped that this will keep lots of constituencies happy, and will increase the revenue on the buses, the Metro (if that ever happens) and the M50 toll as people push their kids on trollies and wheelchairs from one place to the next. The toll for a wheelchair will be 50c, a trollybed will be €1.20.

The second proposal is to place the children's hospital in the Mater but then to decentralize the Mater to a waterfront location near Levitstown, in Kildare or one of them bogger, I mean, commuter spots.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

John Deasy: genius or jizzbiscuit?

Obviously the Skanger, like most people, came down on the jizzbiscuit side of this one (forgive the pun). Then, after Deasy's remarking that if Fine Gael happen to lose the next election, then he might reckon on standing to be leader once Enda does the decent thing and kills himself or goes back to Mayo (six of one, really), I began to wonder.

The thing is, he's married to Maura D'ran, TV3's answer to Dita von Teese, so maybe he's not a total eejit, and yet you get the impression that he could talk down to Ghandi and Einstein. Remember, this is the man who decided that it would be a good thing to take a moral stand about smoking in the Dáil bar. I mean, for fuck's sake...priorities, anyone?

So maybe the plan is to act like a total fucker and put everyone off voting Fine Gael so that they'll lose and then Enda will be gone and John Deasy will ascend to his rightful place as overlord of the little people. Which would be a bit cunning (only a bit, mind).

(Hmmm, thinks...)

Nah, he's a jizzbiscuit.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Irrational lottery updates: that's numberprang

The Skanger reported on the Irrational Lottery (including the unfortunate adventures of Nicole Catsouras) a while back. It's time for an update.

Well, Happy New Bleedin Year to yez all. We didn't make the magic 400 this year, although 367 was a fair stab at it. So, we have another rollover: which means 1848 deaths since the last 400-jackpot winner in 2001, and we get to start all over again. So far we've managed one death, a pedestrian.

As far as the Skanger can establish, the last person to die on the roads in Ireland in 2006 was a man in his 70s, whose car struck a wall in Ballinderry, Moate, Co Westmeath, on December 31.

Drive carefully - in 2007 it could be you...

(Skangerland: bringing sarcasm to inappropriate places since 1837.)