Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pope is Catholic

So Haughey was a crook. No shit.

On a related point I can reveal that bears do shit in the woods.

Of course, the fact that Bertie signed blank cheques for the man will slither off the back of the current Taoiseach like shit off a shovel. I suppose the excuse will be that Bertie was only a young fellah at the time and didn't know any better. (In fairness, we are talking about a man who made it as far as Minister for Finance without having a feckin bank account.)

Frank Luntz might have found Irish floating voters a bit cynical, but when you consider the shower of gobshites we've had parading in front of us at elections over the past decade or six you have to admit that what might look like cynicism is probably just realism. After all, the floating voters have watched while the committed voters kept on putting the likes of Haughey, Lowry and Lawlor into public office, and will probably have to look on in despair while Beverley Cooper-Flynn, famed fan of tax-evasion, gets back into the Dáil.

To round off this post's fecal theme: do you reckon Michael Lowry has shat himself yet?