Monday, January 01, 2007

Irrational lottery updates: that's numberprang

The Skanger reported on the Irrational Lottery (including the unfortunate adventures of Nicole Catsouras) a while back. It's time for an update.

Well, Happy New Bleedin Year to yez all. We didn't make the magic 400 this year, although 367 was a fair stab at it. So, we have another rollover: which means 1848 deaths since the last 400-jackpot winner in 2001, and we get to start all over again. So far we've managed one death, a pedestrian.

As far as the Skanger can establish, the last person to die on the roads in Ireland in 2006 was a man in his 70s, whose car struck a wall in Ballinderry, Moate, Co Westmeath, on December 31.

Drive carefully - in 2007 it could be you...

(Skangerland: bringing sarcasm to inappropriate places since 1837.)