Monday, November 27, 2006

You might as well have Ian Huntley as a babysitter

The Irish Times reports that those who executed Detective Garda Jerry McCabe while he was trying to do his duty have been granted leave to seek judicial reviews of the policy relating to their applications for temporary release (or, as the Irshi Teims has it, they "have been gratned leave to challenge the circumstances under which they recieve temporary release"). When did keeping highly dangerous prisoners in prison become controversial?

On the same day the paper reports that Shinner City Councillor Larry O'Toole has joined the Dublin City Joint Policing Committee. I'm sure the Gardaí will be delighted to hear that their activities will be scrutinized by a party eager to secure the release of the terrorists who shot Jerry McCabe. Apparently, O'Toole "has demanded gun crime be placed high on the agenda of the new policing partnership." Funny that.

Anyone for bangers and rockets there?

And just wait until you see the new cars...
We've all been reassured that the authorities have been very careful about who they let join the Garda Reserve. It's a pity they couldn't be as discriminating about who gets to sit on this Policing Committee. I wonder will the guards be taking up kneecapping or the administration of summary justice by way of spiked baseball bat. Or maybe they'll get a bit more warning the next time the 'RAShinners decide to have a riot* on O'Connell Street. Let's hope the scumbags don't get access to any sensitive security information that might be useful in, oh, I don't know, maybe bank robberies, counterfeiting, smuggling, protection rackets or drug dealing, just for example.

*For insurance purposes, not actually a riot, apparently.

The Shinner proposal for the new Garda uniform

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