Monday, November 27, 2006

You and your evidence and facts...

The Guardian reports today on the rise of creationism in British schools. This is not the only controversial idea being taught. Alongside teaching materials on "intelligent design" schools are also being provided with information on "counterintuitive geography" (CG). The CG approach "questions the validity of theories of roundness in relation to Earth descriptors," according to the Reverend Dr Sam Bewilberforced, head of science at the St John of Patmos High School for Girls.

Dick Plane, head of geography at a school in Liverpool, which he described as "a little North of Glasgow," said: "Just because CG takes a negative look at Sphericalism doesn't mean it is not science. I think to critique Sphericalism is quite appropriate."

"We are not attacking the teaching of Sphericalian theory," said a member of Religious Revelation in Science. "We are just saying that criticisms of Sphericalist theory should also be taught."

Mr Plane argued that "current theories in advanced physics posit curvatures of time-space, which have the effect of giving an impression of roundness where there may in fact be flatness, and suggest a multiplicity of dimensions, many of them quite small and curled up, again giving rise to erroneous perceptions of roundness".

Professor Richard Dawkins commented, "This is pseudo-scientific nonsense, a sort of organised idiocy, and amounts to a concerted attack on reason, science and evidence. It is an attempt by medieval institutions to overthrow the Enlightenment and haul us back into an era of squalid ignorance."

In response Dr Bewilberforced said, "Well, you can prove anything you like if you're going to start dragging evidence and facts into things."

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