Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Merry xmas from Brian Moo-Cowen

A discussion on boards.ie tells the Skanger that the Revenue have decided to start hanging onto your xmas pressies until you cough up the VAT, that's if they've been posted from outside the EU.

Outside the EU includes the Channel Islands, so that'll be play.com, plus anything from further afield might get caught - cdwow, Amazon US, whatever. This seems to affect packages valued over €22. You get a letter charging you VAT plus a €5 handling charge, and xmas is cancelled until you pay it. Even if what's in it is not liable for VAT they'll still delay the feckin thing while they have a sniff at it.

I'm sure HMV, Virgin and the like will be delighted that a few more of us miserable cash-cows will get herded through their doors over the next few weeks.

So merry xmas from the government. Trust that shower of gobshites to come up with a plan that simultaneously arses up the post at xmas, costs us all a bit more money (which goes to...oh yeah, the Department of Finance, but not to worry, we'll probably get it back when they have to buy the next election), and keeps the rip-off merchants happy. Nice one.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe for Ireland, but not the UK it seems....


"We have put in place a scheme with the UK Customs and Excise for us to prepay any duty for you on deliveries within the United Kingdom and these will not be subject to further charges."