Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's not cricket

After the resounding success of the International Rules Series, and with the Ashes looming, the GAA and the Aussies have been at work on a new made-up game. This one will see hurling and cricket being mashed together.

"They both involve sticks," Nickey Brennan, President of the GAA, was quoted as saying.

It is hoped that the games' on-pitch fights will have a bit more TV-friendly blood about them, what with ash and willow being available as weapons.

"I think the boys are looking forward to a game where they don't have to show respect for the officials," an Australian cricket commentator said this morning. "Normally, they'd get fined for questioning anything, but the GAA rules will allow them to smack a few micks around the field no worries."

D. J. Carey's challenge on Ricky Ponting saw the Australian Captain's attempted hook for four caught at silly mid-on, but the Aussies were awarded a forty-five after the umpire called a no-ball.

A warm-up match ended with the Irish on two goals, two wides and six points with 180 all out after the Aussies racked up one goal, three wides and fourteen points, and then declared on 220.