Friday, November 10, 2006


Unverified rumours suggest that Abrakebabra is to merge with The Dublin School of Hard Knocks. A spokeperson for Abra was reported as saying "We're spending a fortune on bouncers and security, but we still have a reputation for fights so we're thinking we might just go with it, you know?"

Do you want ketchup on that?The old post-pub kebab-and-a-scrap tradition will give way to more organized bouts with referees in attendance. Proper headgear and gloves will be provided.

Like Rocky, only warmer
Training facilities will be available.

No low blows, no holding, no skippin the queue, break when I tell yez

Referees in training did not wish to be indentified.

It is understood that Kian from Westlife, who once got smacked near an Abra branch in Sligo, will be involved in the promotion of the new scheme. Here's hoping we all get a chance to clock him one.