Sunday, October 08, 2006

Veiled threats

The ongoing controversy over Jack Straw's remarks about the wearing of veils reminded the Skanger of the travails of the 'RAShinners and their own use of veils.

Covering the face has long been an important part of the 'RAShinners' beliefs and practices. Many have used veils, paradoxically, to show their true faces. Historically, this has led to some difficulties and disagreements for the 'RAShinners, many of whom do not now wear the veil in public.

Some other members have reportedly adopted a more European style of veil, known as the Zorro.
Skangerland: Merry-Looper was a Fianna Failure for a long time, but the career prospects were better with the 'RAShinners
Many of us, the Skanger included, who had Tooeasy Ferret's legs inflicted on us on De Late Late wish they'd put full-length burqas on and give us all a rest.

Gerry Adams always fancied one of them veils.
Skangerland: Gerry Adams liked the look of those balaclavas

Skangerland: Jack Straw and veils
In early negotiations with the 'RAShinners, Jack Straw himself was frequently unable to identify the people he was supposed to be talking to. This led to some resentment amongst the 'RAShinners.

Martian Ferret was often uneasy with the insistence of Adumbs and I'llHaveAGuinness on wearing veils. On that point the Ferret might actually have agreed with Straw. Adumbs and I'llHaveAGuinness thought they looked cool, and Adumbs often amused the company with his Darth Vader impressions: "See you, wee Luke, Ah Ahm yoor fathr, so ah ahm".
Skangerland: the 'RAShinners go on a day trip to see where the mortars landed

The confusion over who the hell Straw was supposed to be talking to often led to feverish diplomatic consultations.
Skangerland: Straw and Chirac

Unsubstantiated rumours suggest that Ferret himself has on occasion worn something to keep his beard warm. I'llHaveAGuinness is reported to don a burqa now and then, though mainly just when giving historical lectures on his knowledge of playing nocturnal baseball in cold weather.
Skangerland: Anyone for the bangers and rockets there?
Skangerland: Major League potential? His hitting could bring opponents to their knees

Adumbs has shifted his position on veils, believing that it is often better for the 'RAShinners to have good looking women around to flank him for photo opportunities. Unfortunately, they're not always available so they have to make do with whatever mingers show up.
Skangerland:  Adams is now available in colour

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