Sunday, October 22, 2006

The irrational lottery

Roll up, roll up, roll over, land in a ditch and wrapped around a tree.

We've had lots of winners already this year - over 300, in fact - and we're hoping to break the 400 barrier before the end of the year.

Will you be lucky number 400? You don't have to be over 18 to play, and no purchase is necessary. That's right, you don't even need to own the car. Check your numbers here.

Ah, the Skanger loves to lie in bed at night and listen to the sound of squealing tyres drifting over the rooftops from the boys out doing donuts and handbrake turns in the Olympic Village.

If you're not a winner this time then maybe next time you too will be able to wreck a perfectly nice car: maybe a Beemer, maybe even a Ferrari. Check out your winning car here.

We can dream.

Do you need to be shocked into not driving like an idiot? Do you think it won't happen to you? Nicole Catsouras probably thought the same thing before she crashed her Porsche into a tollbooth. You can read about it here, and see the GRUESOME AND HORRIFIC AND NSFW AND DEFINITELY NOT FOR UNDER-18s OR ANYONE OF A DELICATE DISPOSITION (you have been warned) pictures of the aftermath here. [Seems they've taken those pictures down: read about the aftermath of all this here.]

Nicole Catsouras
Nicole Catsouras: pretty, wasn't she? My sympathies to her family and friends. I can only hope that seeing the pictures might just save someone's life.

(By the way, yous are a pack of sick puppies. Since the links to the Nicole Catsouras pictures went up I've had 2500 hits from people searching for her name. I'm guessing not all of them were hoping for a salutary reminder of what can happen when someone makes a mistake in a fast-moving car. If I had a dollar for every wierdo who swings by here...but then that's why the ads are there lol)