Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ireland's Biggest-Selling Daily Horoscopes?: The Irish-ish Indepen-don't

It's good to know that the Irish Indepen-don't is working hard to bring us an independent Irish perspective on world events. Yesterday their World News featured the following:

"Peace hopes fade as Israel's army prepares" (© Daily Telegraph, London);

"Saddam back in court for historic genocide charges" (©The Telegraph, London);

"Germany on alert over terrorist attack threat" (© Independent News Service, brought to you by The Independent newspaper, the London one);

"Immigrants ban causes uproar in Smallville, USA" (©The Times, London).

Today they treat us to, amongst others:

“Bush warns UN force must be sent to keep ceasefire alive” (© Independent News Service, again);

and the earth-shattering,

“Scent by Beckhams: lookalikes launch fragrance” (© Independent News Service, yet again)

All reputable sources, I agree, but not Irish. Of course, the problem is economies of scale and the Indepen-don’t probably can’t afford to be paying too many of their own actual journalists when they have a half-page (in the tabloid, anyway) of horoscopes to finance.

Then again, mumbo-jumbo is probably cheaper per-column-inch than old fashioned, old-media stuff like investigation, facts, evidence, and informed, considered opinions from journalists operating in the same context as your readership.

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