Monday, July 03, 2006

Ni feidir leo pissup a organizadeireacht i brewerí

RTÉ reports on the government's funding for Irish language students:

"Extra funding announced by the Government will mean more students will get to take part in Irish courses in the Gaeltacht this summer.

"Students will be housed in new glasshouses
so there'll be no post-ceilidh hanky panky",
says Hanafin

An additional €250,000 means that over €6 million is being allocated in direct support for the Gaeltacht areas.

The Minister for Education, Mary Hanafin, says the funding will bring down the cost of courses and enable 27,000 young people between the ages of eight and 18 to take part."

This is a fine way to be spending taxpayers' money, and the government are to be congratulated accordingly. The Skanger has issued a glossary of phrases that young people might like to study up on:

D'fhan mé san ospidéal ar feadh cúig uair an chloig gan stad
- I waited in the hospital for five solid hours

Tá an trailí san dorchla
- The trolley is in the corridor

Bíonn tríocha páistí i mo rang
- There are 30 children in my class

Ní ceannóidh mé mo teach féin choiche
- I will never buy my own house

Tá an linn snámha ag déanamh uisce
- The swimming pool is leaking

Bhí an traein iomlán; thit an bean i laige
- The train was full: the woman fainted

Tá an tollán ró-bheag
- The tunnel is too small

Tá lárionad an rialtais i mpuball i nGaillimh
- The centre of government is in Leinster House

Tá siad go léir ina mbréagadóirí agus a gcaimiléirí
- They are all just politicians

(Apologies for any errors, but, like most Irish people, the Skanger only studied it in school for the usual thirteen years so can't be expected actually to understand the bloody thing.)

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