Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Defence Bill: Bertie wants to play soldiers

Willie O'Diddle-Dea-Dea was sick of the paparazzi
following him.

RTÉ reports that a Bill, "amending the Defence Acts, is to be passed in less than two and a half hours late tonight". Nice to know that it'll get the proper scrutiny and not be hurried through before the summer recess.

According to today's Irish Times, even Martin Ferret of IRA-SF reckons that the legislation implies "a gross infringement of the principle of Irish neutrality", and Ferris knows a thing or three about moving guns around. Sources suggested that the 'RAshinners are worried that the real Óglaigh na h-Eireann might get too good for their own pretend version. "We're neutral," one source also insisted, "Except for hating them Brits, of course, but sure that's what makes us Irish, so it is."

A Fianna Failure backbench TD was reported as having expressed delight with the proposed legislation. "We won't have to wait for UN approval or even, in some cases, need a debate about it in the Dáil. That's the way to do things. None of this feckin democratic shite. We'd have got the fellas who shot Jerry McCabe released if it wasn't for that shite."

In fairness to Oor Willie O'Diddle-Dea-Dea, he did take aim and ask Herr Kapitan Ferret, "Did the triple lock operate for the murder of Jerry McCabe? Was there a UN resolution for that?"

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